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Tips To Master Chiffon For Beginners

Chiffon is one of the hardest fabrics to sew due to its physical properties. Chiffon fabric is made up from cotton, silk or synthetic fibres and it’s very lightweight. All these properties make chiffon quite slippery and hard to handle. Even then Chiffon is used extensively in creating evening wear, lingerie and a lot of light and airy garments.

Type of machine can play an enormous role in creating garments from chiffon. If you are a beginner, you can go through the best sewing machine for beginners making clothes reviewed by CraftsSelection that will help you find the best machine to work with Chiffon fabric.

Cutting Chiffon

As we have discussed earlier working with Chiffon can be a hard task due to slippery nature and this start from the cutting process only. While handling Chiffon, it is recommended to use a tissue paper while cutting.
Before cutting a piece of Chiffon, first lay your fabric on top of a tissue paper and then start cutting through the tissue paper. This will provide the required friction to the fabric and keep your fabric from shifting around while cutting.

Pinning Chiffon

While pinning Chiffon, it is recommended to use fine tips pins. As heavy-duty pins can leave a mark and damage fabric. Try to use a small number of pins as it will prevent snags in the fabric since lightweight fabric is more prone to damage than others.

The Throat Plate Opening

Lightweight fabric like Chiffon tends to get stuck in the throat plate opening of the machine. For beginners, it can be a big problem. Before starting to sew Chiffon always use the smallest opening throat plate available for your machine. For fabric like chiffon it’s recommended to use the setting of 12 to 20 stitches per inch for best results.

We have created a guide for the best starter sewing machine for beginners that have machines which support different kinds of throat plate for sewing Chiffon fabric.

Thread/ Sewing Machine Needles

Both Thread and Sewing Machine Needles can have a significant impact on your work with fabric like chiffon. As Chiffon is a lightweight fabric because it's made up of very fine fabric and it needs the same kind of fabric for sewing. You can use some fine threads of cotton or polyester cotton for sewing chiffon.

Same goes for Sewing Machine Needles as it can make a big difference. Always use the finest needle while working with chiffon. Fabrics like chiffon require 65/10, 65/9 or 60/8 size needle to work with.

French Seams

French Seams are one of the best options while working and finishing Chiffon fabrics. Not only they look great and hide, but they also help in stabilizing the garment and prevent it from warping.

At CraftsSelection.com, we introduce the best affordable sewing machine for beginners and have the list of the machine that will help you while working with Chiffon.

Chiffon can be a hard fabric for beginners to work with. It requires great patience and great tools with lots of experience. While working with chiffon take your time, have patience and sew slowly. By keeping all tips in your mind definitely, you will get the best results.

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